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We are revolutionizing the way physicians do business.

Grow Your Business and Grow with Us

At MDamerica Holdings Inc., we are revolutionizing the way physicians do business by redefining the vendor and customer relationship.  Our unique B2B partnership model offers a robust suite of business solutions that continuously adjust to support your business needs and stimulate growth. 

Our B2B model focuses on the introduction of innovative ideas and the development of businesses to support our community of customers through a collaborative approach.  We combine internal need and external resourcing into  an equity model that is unmatched in the healthcare industry.



We developed our companies to achieve these key objectives:

MDamerica Objectives

Our solutions deliver a better outcome for your patients and your business.

Improve patient care with innovative technology and unsurpassed patient engagement services.


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Improve Care

Improve Care

Maximize office efficiency and increase productivity with our telehealth technology and experience support staff.

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Optimize Efficiency

Maximize Efficiency

Reduce costs with our purchasing options, insurance solutions and other value a products and services.

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Reduce Costs.png

Reduce Costs

Our products and services offer clinical and operational benefits and can substantial revenue opportunities.

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Increase Revenue.png

Increase Revenue

MDamerica Savings and Value
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