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We are Leading the Way in Innovation and Opportunity

We are Leading the Way in Innovation and Opportunity


At MDamerica Holdings Inc., we are leading the way in innovation and opportunity for our customers.  We are driven to remain at the forefront of technology and to continue to develop innovative business concepts and unique partnership opportunities. 


 As with all of the solutions offered by MDamerica Holdings, these unique business opportunities are being developed as B2B equity partnership models.  Like our other subsidiary companies, these businesses will offer products and services designed reduce costs, improve care, optimize efficiencies and increase revenue.  


Nutravity Health Sciences will offer a superior quality dietary supplements and skincare line for sale through physician partners only.  Nutravity will combine diagnostics and clinical support to provide the most comprehensive solutions for your patients.

Launched: June 2019


MDanalytica is our research and development company scheduled to launch early next year with several innovative products.  The company will focus on new product development, clinical trials and data analytics. 


Scheduled Launch: February 2020


Benebin PEO and HR services will offer a comprehensive solution for small to mid-sized healthcare industry businesses.  The company will present a unique opportunity for our B2B partners to save on payroll, insurance, other employee benefits and HR solutions.

Scheduled Launch: April 2020

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